Support Our Military Veterans Suffering With PTSD And Traumatic Brain Injury! (Video)

By | November 30, 2015

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Summary: On Giving Tuesday your $22 donation to Heroes To Heroes Foundation can go a long way towards helping military veterans suffering with PTSD, Moral Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury finally begin to heal!

(Short video filmed by WPIX11/New York at the November 2015 Newark Airport sendoff of a group to Israel. In it Harrison, a former participant in a Heroes To Heroes trip and now a coach, tells his inspirational story! Watch here.)

Why Donate To The Heroes To Heroes Foundation (HTH) On Giving Tuesday?

Full disclosure I didn’t serve in the military and many of the people I knew growing up didn’t either! The truth is that today less than 1/2 of 1% of Americans volunteer to serve their country in the armed forces.

And it’s these men and women from across the United States who, through their their efforts and sacrifice, bravely secure our freedom and ability to live the American Dream in peace.

But as we know only too well the service of their country can come at a great cost!

Some who have served tragically made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our country while others were left with debilitating and life-altering physical injuries.

Others, however, came home with injuries that may not be visible to the naked eye, but that are no less debilitating and life-changing!

And it’s these brave veterans suffering with PTSD, Moral Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury who the Heroes To Heroes Foundation strives to help heal.

Months ago I joined the Board of Heroes To Heroes Foundation because of the mission that this 501(c)(3) has and the dramatic improvement in the lives of so many of the veterans that they have sought to help!

Why Heroes To Heroes Foundation? Here are some of the reasons…

  • With veteran suicides occurring at such an alarming rate (22 a day), HTH addresses the issue in an extremely effective way by combining spirituality with peer support through non-denominational trips to Israel where the veterans are able to finally open-up and begin the process of healing,
  • With a goal of ultimately sending 10-15 groups to Israel per year at a cost of approximately $75,000 per trip ($7,500 per veteran), at Heroes To Heroes Foundation sponsors and supporters can ‘move the needle’ and really make a difference with relatively modest monetary donations,
  • Over 90 cents of every one dollar donated goes directly to helping these veterans,
  • And the final reason that pushed me to want to become involved with Heroes To Heroes was the inspirational story of the co-founder Judy Schaffer that drove her to start this phenomenal organization along with Cliff Nolan.

Read Judy’s story at the Heroes To Heroes website here, and then please donate whatever amount you are able to and are comfortable with at the websites Donation Page here.

$22 Can Help Save A Life!

Donate Here!


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