Help Heroes To Heroes Foundation Help Our Military Veterans Heal!

By | November 3, 2015

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Heroes To Heroes Foundation helps our military veterans suffering with PTSD, Moral Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury begin to heal!

It accomplishes this by combining Spiritual Healing with Peer Support in an extremely effective way.

Your company, group or you individually can help in a variety of ways!

Here’s a summary of how…

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Veterans in each of our communities are suffering. We’re losing 22 veterans a day to suicide. As corporate citizens we can make a difference. It has been said by our sages “If you save one life you save a whole world”. Your business can partnership with Heroes to Heroes to do just that.

Why should your company or corporation become a partner of Heroes To Heroes Foundation?

Heroes To Heroes Foundation is a 501(c)(3) with a large goal and a huge heart! That goal is to help our military veterans from all conflicts who return home suffering with PTSD, Moral Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury begin to heal and lead normal lives!

Heroes to Heroes accomplishes this through trips to Israel that include Spiritual Healing and Peer Support. Our nondenominational program gives our veterans the opportunity to reconnect with their faith, with one another, with their families, and with the community at large. Our waiting list is growing each day. You can help us reach our most vulnerable veterans before it’s too late.

As a potential corporate partner we fully understand that you possess a finite budget that can be directed to charitable causes. Therefore, in addition to mission and goals, undoubtedly one of the many questions that you will have concerns the amount of each dollar donated that goes directly to the veterans as opposed to other expenses. Heroes to Heroes is currently an entire volunteer organization. Our goal is to keep administrative expenses to under 15% of budget.

Who should think about becoming a Heroes To Heroes Foundation partner?

Heroes to Heroes Foundation is seeking to speak with potentially interested corporate partners who share our vision and desire to help as many of our military veterans possible suffering with these debilitating injuries that in many cases can lead to suicide.

No company or corporation is too large or too small to make a huge difference in the lives of these Americans who have sacrificed so much!

How can your company become a partner of Heroes to Heroes Foundation?

There are many ways that corporations can become involved with the Heroes to Heroes mission!

The most direct and high profile way would be to help underwrite one of the journeys to Israel that can cost in the neighborhood of $60,000 (team of 10).

Another opportunity is to sponsor a veteran from your community. The cost per veteran is $6,000. The veteran you sponsor will be introduced to your company representative(s) and will be encouraged to maintain contact.

There are of course other ways to help as well that involve working with the volunteers who comprise Heroes to Heroes to help spread the word of who this charity is and what it does!

This effort can run the gamut of having a corporate function at which Heroes to Heroes is featured to sponsoring an event at which Heroes To Heroes Board Members can be introduced to clients and potential donors.

Finally, at the current time Heroes to Heroes as one of its fundraising techniques runs a golf outing, the expenses of which come out of the  charities budget.

Underwriting those specific expenses or possibly directing the proceeds of one of your corporations fundraising efforts to Heroes to Heroes as the beneficiary is another way that a company can potentially help.

Beyond those ideas the Board of Heroes to Heroes is open to any other outside-of-the-box fundraising ideas that your company might have that can help us with achieving our mission!

What is your next step?

We would love the opportunity to have a conversation to tell you more about Heroes to Heroes, answer any questions that you might have and to determine if this charity is a good fit for your company.

You can reach out to us by phone or by email by reaching out to the following contacts or by filling-out the form below:

Judy Schaffer, Founder (201) 851-2409

Michael Haltman, Board Member (516) 741-4723


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