Iran nuclear deal and the art of negotiation

Is the nuclear deal cut by the Obama administration going to be good for your business, your country and the world?

As the owner of a title insurance business, very often I need to make strategic decisions that can and will affect me over the short-term but, more importantly, over the long-term as well.

If I am considering entering into a deal with a potential venture partner, much thought has to go into who it actually is that I am having discussions with. For example…

  1. What is the background of the other party as much can be learned by examining how they have acted before,
  2. When vetting them, what do others have to say about the way in which the other party conducts its business,
  3. From what you can determine do they keep their word, do they have integrity, do you share common goals and visions,
  4. Do you believe that you can negotiate in good faith with them because if not, any agreement that you come to may not be worth the paper that it is written on,
  5. In back and forth discussions can they understand your position on key aspects of a proposed deal that you may not like and, more importantly, are they willing to compromise? Any deal will typically have aspects that one or the other side is not 100% happy with?

In the nuclear deal cut by the Obama administration with Iran, it seems that all aspects of numbers 1-5 were negative as it relates to the rogue nation, its future intentions and its past actions.

Iran Deal

So how and why would we enter into such a negotiation that experts all over the world have conceded would not only NOT stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons but would likely all but insure it?

In other words was making this deal an all or nothing proposition where it is either this deal or war? Of course not but that is the story that is being told.

Were the sanctions imposed on Iran working? Yes they were but now they will be lifted, representing an economic lift to the countries around the world that will do business there.

Is Iran an acknowledged state sponsor of terror? Yes they are and now, on top of the nuclear deal, the government there will be flooded with previously frozen cash in the hundreds of billions of dollars that will likely be funneled to its terror affiliates.

Is 99% of the world and a majority of Americans in agreement with this deal as we are being told? I am not a political scientist but in my reading and listening I would have to say that the answer to that question is an emphatic NO!

But people being people, most will fall in line and accept this deal as a fait accompli rather than make it known how they actually feel.

And the dislike of this deal is not a partisan issue as was clearly stated by Pat Caddell who is a pollster and was an advisor to former President Jimmy Carter…

It’s abundantly clear that the more Americans learn about key details within the Iran agreement, the less they like it. And opposition to the deal is growing as the facts work their way into kitchen table conversations across the country.

A survey conducted by Secure America Now on July 22nd and 23rd confirms Mr. Caddell’s thoughts…

  • After learning the facts about the Iran deal, 65% want their Senator or Congressman to oppose it. 45% wanted Congress to oppose before learning the facts.
  • 80% oppose giving Iran $150 billion in sanction relief in the next few weeks and months without Congressional approval.
  • 72% said that Congress should NOT approve a deal that does not allow independent U.S. inspections of Iran’s military laboratories.
  • 68% do NOT believe that U.N. inspections with a 24-day notification period before will stop Iran from cheating.
  • 65% think this deal will have other nations follow through on their threat to attain nuclear weapons to protect themselves from Iran.
  • 63% disagree that the deal prevents Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Only 29% agree.
  • 77% agree that if we don’t stop Iran now they will eventually get nuclear weapons and our children will likely face nuclear war. Only 17% disagreed.

So how do you feel about the impending nuclear deal with Iran?

Whether for it or against it let your Congresspeople and Senators in Washington know!

You can find their contact information here!


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Article author Michael Haltman is the President of Hallmark Abstract Service in New York.

HAS is a provider of title insurance in New York State for residential and commercial real estate transactions.

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