New York City Real Estate Through The Eyes Of Seinfeld! (Video)

As a Seinfeld fan who has also lived in New York City, many of the real estate story lines from episodes written 20 or so years ago still ring true today!

Whether it’s the lack of affordability, that people always seem to want an apartment that’s bigger and better, co-op board interviews or dealing with doormen, the themes are relatable as most everything in this ‘show about nothing’ typically is.

That said, the videos below offer snippets about situations and experiences that New Yorker’s will no doubt recognize.

And, for those who live elsewhere around country, after watching you will likely appreciate the fact that these are things you may not have to deal with!

Lastly, a shoutout to the employees at The Real Deal New York who ‘watched every episode – yes, every episode — to highlight our favorite real estate moments. We do these things so you don’t have to.’

My only comment here is that I can think of worse ways to spend a workday.

Seinfeld’s New York!

1. Apartment envy

 2. The importance of being insured

 3. Astronomical fees

 4. The homicidal broker

 5. Doorman vs. non-doorman

 Watch the other three videos at The Real Deal here.


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