Automation: In 2035 Will Any Human Have A Job?

By the year 2035 will advancements in technology and the ability for businesses to automate render thinking and breathing employees obsolete?

That is certainly an extremely interesting question fraught with potentially devastating implications!

For example will the need for the professionals at title companies, lawyers, real estate brokers and even bus drivers disappear to be replaced by robots?

Where would that have left Perry Mason, Ralph Kramden and, concerning the future of title insurance, me?

In an article here yesterday the question of whether a mandatory $15/hour minimum wage would push businesses in the direction of automating jobs was raised (‘Photo Offering An Argument Against The $15/Hour Minimum Wage?‘).

The potential answer was provided in a humorous way using the photo below that depicts how human employees can make mistakes that a computer or a robot likely would not.

minimum wage,business,fast food

But, in all seriousness, by the year 2035 what is the potential for entire job categories to be occupied by robots rather than humans?

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your specific job category), an answer apparently exists to that question!

It’s provided in an article at NPR that offers the reader an interactive chart containing two drop boxes, one for field and the second for specific job categories within that field.

For example, what is the potential, according to that article, for lawyers to have been replaced by robots by the year 2035?


Real estate brokers?


And finally, how about the above mentioned bus driver?


Now how about your job?

The interactive chart can be found at NPR here.

Good luck!


Article author Michael Haltman is the President of Hallmark Abstract Service in New York.

HAS is a provider of title insurance in New York State for residential and commercial real estate transactions.

For anyone either buying or refinancing a property your attorney will likely recommend a title insurance provider, although you always have the right to choose your own (click here to learn more)!

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