Lawyers Top 10 Misconceptions About Social Media!

Most businesspeople know all about the potential reach of social media for business development!

But given that fact there also remains some hesitation by some to actually implement a social media platform.

Many factors may come into play for this but, the larger question that needs to be asked is whether by neglecting social media these businesses are missing a great marketing opportunity?

Anecdotally it also appears that in no sector of the marketplace is this social media aversion to outlets like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or a business blog greater than law.

So for those in the legal profession who may be on the outside looking in when it comes to social media, here is Top 10 list of reasons or misconceptions for that hesitancy, with a link provided at the end to a website that offers an expanded counter-argument to each one.

Top 10 Social Media Misconceptions For Lawyers!

Misconception 1: “Oh No, My Privacy!”
Misconception 2: “I’ve Got to Be on There All the Time, Right?”
Misconception 3: “I Can’t Manage One More Thing”
Misconception 4: “I’m Just Gonna Get Lost in the Shuffle”
Misconception 5: “It’s All Selfies, and Work-from-Home Adverts”
Misconception 6: “I Don’t Want to Blog, or Microblog, or Blawg”
Misconception 7: “Oh, Great, More Internet Weirdos and Losers”
Misconception 8: “That’s Not Going to Make Me Any Money”
Misconception 9: “It’s an Ethics Minefield, Hoss”
Misconception 10: “I’ve Got Far More Important Things to Do”

You can read further detail about each of these items by visiting Attorney At Work here.


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