Real Life Homeowner: To Fix Or Not To Fix? (Video)

By | April 17, 2015

Now that it’s Spring you’re likely looking around your house and are amazed by the number of things that need to be fixed!

Now for the big question: Do you jump in and fix them or not?

Therein lies the quandary! If you’re like me, finding a long list of items that could definitely use some fixing up is not that difficult to do. After all my family has been in the house for over 20 years and things break down or just begin to look a little bit tired.

But, if you’re also like me, maybe someone somewhat older with kids who have finished or who will be finishing up college, the thought of selling the homestead and downsizing may be cropping up in your mind.

The question then becomes how much time and money should be expended on home repairs if you may not be there to enjoy them and a potential buyer may not even like what you do?

Bottom line? What needs to be repaired to improve the aesthetics of the home for potential buyers and what fixes will return no value in a sale?

From Consumer Reports (further detail on each available at the CR article), the ‘Top 5 ways to boost the value of your home‘!

  1. Clean up, clear out Cost range: $0 (DIY) to $2,500 (pro) Potential return: 3 to 5%

  2. Spruce up the kitchen  Cost range: $300 to $5,000 Potential return: 3 to 7%

  3. Freshen up the bath  Cost range: $300 to $1,000 Potential return: 2 to 3%

  4. Paint the rooms—selectively Cost range: $100 (DIY) to $1,000 (pro) Potential return: 1 to 3%

  5. Enhance the exterior Cost range: $150 to $7,500 Potential return: 2 to 5%


Michael Haltman, President of Hallmark Abstract Service, New York.

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And, for anyone either buying a property or refinancing, remember that although your attorney will likely recommend a title insurance provider you always have the right to choose your own (click here to learn more)!

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