Top 10 Ways Dating And House Hunting Are Similar!

By | March 30, 2015

For anyone or any couple who has ever hunted for a house, chances are that you are likely very well aware of the variety of emotions that entered into the exercise!

But as we enter the Spring home buying season, if you haven’t yet had the house hunting experience you can either take our word concerning the emotional roller-coaster you are getting on or else use this comparison between dating and house hunting as a guide to the process!

The Top 10 Ways House Hunting And Dating Are Similar!

Number 1 – It can be seriously draining.

Answering those painful first date questions (so, where are you from? What do you do for a living?) is freaking exhausting. Similarly, hauling ass from open house to open house can pretty much suck the life out of a prospective tenant.

Number 2 – Pictures are deceiving.

As much as we’re not about judging a book by its cover, we are guilty of using our very best photos on dating sites. Brokers, on the other hand, can somehow make that tiny, grungy, fifth-floor walkup look “cozy,” and even, dare we say, spacious. (How DO they do it?!)

Number 3 – All the good ones are taken.

Ever walk into a friend’s new place and feel a tiny albeit very real pang of jealousy radiate through you? How did they FIND it?! This rule doesn’t apply to your friends’ significant others (that would be a bit creepy) but it does seem like the great ones are usually, well, taken.

Number 4 – It annoys you when people ask you about it.

“Have you found a place yet?” is only second to “so are you seeing anyone?” in the cringe-worthy family question department.

Number 5 – It’s worth it to spend a little more time and energy waiting to find the right one.

You wouldn’t want to settle on a partner, and you certainly wouldn’t want to settle on your home, either.

Number 6 – Timing is everything.

Like relationships, the right home can fall into place at the right time. We often find it comforting to tell ourselves that the apartment we missed out on “probably has bed bugs or something.” The same rule applies for SO’s. Because NO ONE wants bed bugs.

Number 7 – The beginning is really, really exciting.

Decorating and organizing a new place can give you those same first-stage-of-the-relationship butterflies. Everything is so new and fresh!

Number 8 – But it’s even better once it’s comfortable.

Because you know what you really want is to just be able to come home, put sweatpants on and sink into that amazing, worn-in couch.

Number 9 – It’s NOT easy.

Finding a home, like being with the right partner, takes a LOT of work and dedication.

Number 10 – But when it’s right, it’s SO worth it.

When you find The One, you just know.

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