Great Career Decisions: Bill Belichick

By | January 21, 2015

Last week the concept of unique career moves was explored in the article ‘Unique Career Decision…From Wall Street To Porn Actress‘!

Today, in light of the New England Patriots heading to the Super Bowl XLIX, the idea this time of an excellent career choice is front and center when examining the path that the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has taken to get to where he is now.

First, full disclosure is that I am a long-suffering Jets fan who has watched as franchises around the NFL made moves over the years to improve and prosper while the team that I follow…Not.

But what was it that prompted Bill Belichick to spurn the New York Jets after one day on the job in January, 2000 to opt instead for the greener pastures of Foxboro and the helm of the New England Patriots?

Was it ego? Was it spite? Was it luck? A combination of the three or was it much more than that?

Did job candidate Belichick do his homework concerning the management, culture and philosophy of where he might have ended up, the New York Jets, and determine that it didn’t fit with his own strategic plan for the future?

My guess, judging by the way that the man has coached through the years (away from any charges of cheating including the current deflate-gate), is that it was an example of a job candidate doing his homework, leaving nothing to chance and finding out that he did not like what he saw!

And should more job candidates likely be doing the same type of research to help ensure that the fit between company and employee is more like a glove and less like a burlap sack?

I think so!


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