Unique Career Decision…From Wall Street To Porn Actress

By | January 16, 2015

Back when I got my MBA it was the goal of most graduates with a specialization in finance to seek out a career on Wall Street!

Of course that was in the 1980’s and since then times have most certainly changed as the following reverse career move clearly shows.

In our new age of morality that includes what some might call the mainstreaming of the porn industry, the 23-year old in this article has moved from the alternative investments department at the ‘white shoe’ firm Lazard to the alternative lifestyle of adult films.

And while this story is clearly not for everyone and has it moments that are typically termed NSFW, it is always fascinating to observe the risks that people will take and the career moves that they choose to make!

From Business Insider this is a snippet of the article. To read it in full simply click on the link.

…Jennings worked as a part-time intern in Lazard’s alternative-investments marketing group in New York. She was with Lazard from June 2, 2014, until Jan. 9, 2015, Business Insider has learned.

On Twitter, Jennings said that she “quit [Wall Street] before it fired me.”

NewsCult first reported that Jennings had posted nude selfies from inside the bathroom of Lazard’s offices on her Twitter account. Those selfies were taken down from Jennings’ Twitter, but screenshots of them still exist on NewsCult’s site [again, NSFW].

In an interview with BroBible, Jennings said that she didn’t expect her coworkers to find the photos since they weren’t actually attached to her real name.

“I had already put in my two weeks’ notice and was sticking around to tie up some loose ends,” she said. “My boss’s boss called me over the phone with an HR lady. I had a pretty good reputation intellectually, and this executive was aware of that. However, he obviously couldn’t have me coming back to the office when likely just about everyone had seen me half naked online,” she told BroBible…


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