Whether it’s the law or another business, we all need a Personal Brand!

A Personal Brand helps to differentiate your practice or business from the competition!

As the owner of a company that provides title insurance for residential and commercial real estate transactions, I understand very well how critical it is to differentiate my business from that of other title insurance providers.

For anyone else whose business can also in someway be considered commodity in nature, differentiating that business from the crowd becomes an imperative!

By the term commodity I simply mean that the product or service your business provides is also being provided, albeit it most likely not nearly as well, by other firms.

In a nutshell, the question becomes what the unique selling proposition of your business is and how successfully you convey it to your clients and potential clients?

Personal Branding

That’s where the concept of a Personal Brand comes in.

While the term Personal Brand may sound like some kind of marketing mumbo jumbo, it’s what lets those who may not have done business with your firm (yet) and those current clients who may need a little reminding, what it is that sets you apart from the crowd.

I was reminded of the critical importance of Personal Branding, and wanted to pass it along, at a seminar that I attended this morning where this concept was a main focus.

The bottom-line? Take a look at the questionnaire below and if NO appears as the answer to more than five questions, there is some work to be done.

Title Insurance New York

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The questionnaire was provided courtesy of Bill Corbett of Corbett Public Relations whose website can be found here.

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