Cartoon: Student Loan Satire

By | November 6, 2014

The cartoon below provides a tongue-in-cheek alternative payback method for unemployed or under-employed recent college graduates!

Currently the recent college graduate unemployment rate in the nation is running in the range of 8.5% compared to the overall national average under 6% (new employment data will be released tomorrow).

This statistic, when coupled with an average individual student loan debt burden of more than $29,000 and outstanding aggregate student loan debt nationally above $1 trillion, poses a problem.

In addition there are few parents of college-age students who haven’t heard the stories of college graduates unable to find full-time work in their chosen field instead taking part-time jobs or unpaid internships simply to build their resume.

But the point of this article is certainly not to say that the argument for attending college cannot be a strong one, particularly when comparing the earnings of those in the post-recent college graduate stage of life, 25-32-year olds, where those with a college degree earn on average $46,000 and high school grads $30,000.

Bottom-line? It’s a bit of a quandary but I suppose the quick answer is that incoming college freshman need to choose a major carefully while at the same time trying not to overextend financially on expensive schools that may not be in the top-tier when quality in-state schools are available.

All of that having been said, this cartoon sent to me offers an alternative and humorous tongue-in-cheek idea for paying back student loans.

Student loan debt


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Cartoon H/T Arnie Wuhrman

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