Two very different faces of a Long Island Rail Road strike!

The impact of a Long Island Rail Road strike will be far reaching and cause great economic pain for New York City and Long Island residents and businesses alike!

For the two individuals highlighted in this article, however, the economic impact of a LIRR strike would apparently fall on opposite sides of the pain spectrum.

A LIRR strike inflicting economic pain!

The first story is about a woman who commutes to NYC and for whom a LIRR strike would be an extreme economic hardship. From the New York Post:

Wealthy workers can afford hotel rooms in the city. Or work from home, travel by car or take days off. Not so the other 99 percent — i.e., the middle- and lower-class workers (many of whom are also union members) who are the backbone of the local economy.

Think of the secretary from Mineola who takes the LIRR to Penn Station. She already shells out $242 a month for her commute into the city, and maybe another $100 a month in subway fares to get to her office. This secretary may not be paid if she doesn’t make it to work, and she has no realistic way to get there without the LIRR.

There are tens of thousands of people just like this Mineola secretary — hotel workers, cops, nurses, construction crews and so on. They are part of the 300,000 people who rely on the LIRR each day to get them where they need to go.

A strike would be grossly unfair to these hard-working people.

A ‘leaders’ response to crisis management in the event a Long Island Rail Road strike occurs!

The second individual highlighted represents an example of how a leader should not be dealing with a crisis that would occur within the jurisdiction they are responsible for leading!

It’s a story about the new Mayor of  the City of New York, Bill de Blasio, and his vacation plans for a trip to Italy that apparently will not be altered whether there is a crippling LIRR strike or not. From the New York Daily News:

De Blasio, scheduled to depart Friday, said his presence in the city would not necessary if there’s a strike. He will be making stops in Rome, Venice and two small towns where his maternal grandparents lived.

Mayor de Blasio said he doesn’t need to cancel his vacation in Italy over the possible Long Island Rail Road strike.

Here’s one trip a Long Island Rail Road strike probably wouldn’t derail — Mayor de Blasio’s family vacation in Italy.

The mayor said Monday that he isn’t sure he would cut his Italian holiday short if LIRR workers walk out.

De Blasio is scheduled to depart for Italy on Friday, two days before LIRR workers have threatened to strike.

At the end of the day let’s hope that this story is moot and that a strike is averted for the good of the region!


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