Did someone die in your house?

It’s the stuff of movies when things that go bump in the night actually turn out to be someone who died a suspicious death within the house!

Whether it’s The Amityville Horror, The Sixth Sense or some other show revolving around life after death, one of the scenarios that frightens people most is the prospect of living in a house that  is haunted.

And whether you believe ghosts exist or not, would a tool allowing you to find out if a house you were considering buying or an apartment you were thinking about renting had a previous tenant who had died there, be a valuable one?

For some it would while others could care less but, having heard a commercial for a website that provides this information, my interest was piqued.

This is not an endorsement but merely a mention of an interesting service provided by a company called DiedInHouse.com.

That this company actually exists once again proves that there is very little in terms of information that anyone would like to learn more about that can’t be found on the internet!

According to the website, this is what DiedInHouse.com is all about:

Using a valid U.S. address, Died in House ™ instantly searches millions of records to determine if a death has occurred at that location.  A Died in House ™ report may return the following information: 

–          Has a death occurred?

–          Who died at that house?

–          When did the person die?

–          What was the cause of death?

–          List of Previous Residents

–          Vitality Status of Previous Residents

–          Additional information about the death



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