Is Your New York State Provider Of Title Insurance Still Treating You Like A Newlywed!

Hallmark Abstract Service New York title insurance

Hallmark Abstract would like to compete for a place in the conversation when you are choosing a title insurance firm for a client’s transaction!

We understand that if you are an attorney who does transactional real estate you likely have at least one title insurance firm whom you work with!

– The question is do they continue to treat your relationship as if you were still on your honeymoon, or is it more like an old married couple who take each other for granted?

We understand that the title insurance premiums in a transaction are non-negotiable!

– But are the firms that you currently do business with competitive when it comes to the other fees that are involved in your clients’ transactions?

We understand and respect loyalty, but does your firm have a viable Plan B, C or D in place in the event of a crisis related to title?

– While we are not ER surgeons on-call for an emergency operation, if the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath taught us anything it’s that nothing stays the same!

What or who was there yesterday may, for any number of reasons, not be there tomorrow!

Does your firm have contingency plans in place for a time, that potentially may never come, when your current go-to title firm is not available?

At Hallmark Abstract Service we take pride in the way that we conduct our business and in the continued level of satisfaction enjoyed by our clients.

Call us to set up an appointment and we will come to your office to learn about the nuances of your practice and explain to you the way we approach the title business!

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At Hallmark Abstract Service, we work harder to make your closings easier!

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