Steve Coburn, California Chrome and the fickleness of public perception! (Video)

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A co-owner of California Chrome, Steve Coburn, has unfortunately provided the perfect example for how the perception of the public can be changed forever and in the blink of an eye!

For those of us in business it serves as a stark reminder that while we only have one chance to make a good first impression we also need to work to maintain it because image, reputation and relationships can unfortunately at times be fleeting!

This can occur because of mistakes we have actually made or it can be due to factors that are beyond our control but serves as a reminder that every client and business partner is precious and needs to be treated that way!

These two videos of California Chrome co-owner Steve Coburn show how he quickly morphed from an easygoing grandfatherly image to a bitter sore-loser who questioned the Triple Crown system that has always been in place.

In business, don’t be this guy!

Happy-Go-Lucky Owner of a Kentucky Derby Winning Horse!

Bitter and unlikeable owner of a Belmont Stakes losing horse!

Which persona will you remember?

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