London apartment that makes NYC rents appear downright affordable! (Photo and Infographic)

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If you thought apartment rents in NYC were exorbitant and that what you get for your money isn’t always a gem, this apartment in London will hopefully make you feel a little bit better!

Back in April we had written an article that documented some of the hardships faced by apartment renters in NYC, followed a few days later by an article on that same topic that included the infographic below (Infographic: The truth about the NYC apartment rental market!).

Now evidence has emerged, documented by the photo below the infographic, that shows how the London rental market may be even more onerous for apartment seekers than New York City.

In London, the apartment shown below goes for $1,200 a month and people are apparently fighting over it!

London apartment that’s shoebox-size renting for $1,200 a month!


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