Top 25 law schools with a social life!

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In a purely spiritual sense it was written that man (or woman) does not live by bread alone!

But, from more of a law school perspective, while it is true that the academics and preparation for a career will come first the social aspect of a school can be extremely important as well.


For starters it’s important in any vigorous mental endeavor to possess the ability to occasionally blow-off steam in a responsible way. A law school that offers this opportunity would be an example of an institution that would make this Top 25.

Secondarily, given the somewhat difficult job market that currently faces new law school graduates, the connections that it is possible to make during the time that they are there can be extremely useful later on.

‘Social Life’, in the context of this Top 25 list, is defined as the ease with which the students can meet people, make friends, or date.

And, while the Harvard’s of the world may not appear here, many excellent schools for those who strive for and yet may not get to that lofty level are.

The Top 25 Most Social Law Schools

1.) University of Florida (9.65 stars)
2.) University of Colorado at Boulder (9.49 stars)
3.) The University of Texas at Austin (9.46 stars)
4.) University of Georgia (9.33 stars)
5.) University of Alabama (9.24 stars)
6.) Washington University in St. Louis (9.23 stars)
7.) University of Virginia (9.19 stars)
8.) Northwestern University (9.17 stars)
9.) University of Miami (9.15 stars)
10.) University of San Francisco (9.14 stars)
11.) Southern Methodist University (9.04 stars)
12.) University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (9.01 stars)
13.) Stanford University (8.96 stars)
14.) Duke University (8.91 stars)
15.) New York University (8.88 stars)
16.) Boston College (8.77 stars)
17.) Boston University (8.76 stars)
18.) University of California-Berkeley (8.75 stars)
19.) Rutgers University-Newark (8.67 stars)
20.) University of Southern California (8.65 stars)
21.) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (8.55 stars)
22.) Brooklyn Law School (8.51 stars)
23.) Arizona State University (8.49 stars)
24.) University of California-Los Angeles (8.49 stars)
25.) Yale University (8.45 stars)

Students also often posted personal experiences while leaving a law school review. One Class of 2016 student from the University of Colorado at Boulder wrote, “While all students are in competition with each other to receive the coveted ‘A’, there is without a doubt a strong sense of community at CU Law. Students here have the perfect mix of intelligence and personality.” (Source)

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