2015 Masters Golf Tournament Tickets: The Lottery!

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The 2015 Masters Tournament!

The title of this article has likely brought some visitors to our humble blog who may never have been here before so, before providing the 2015 Masters Tournament ticket lottery information, we’d like to provide a quick description of who Hallmark Abstract Service is and what we do.

By revealing this 2015 Masters lottery information in an attempt to meet attorney’s, bankers, mortgage professionals and individuals who may at some point need title insurance (people do have the right to choose their title insurance provider), we will effectively be eradicating any chance we may have had of being selected in the ticket lottery process.

That is, however, a small sacrifice to make.

So briefly, who is Hallmark Abstract Service? Hallmark Abstract Service…

  • Provides title insurance for commercial and residential real estate transactions and mortgage refinances in New York,
  • Underwrites through Chicago Title,
  • Works to get deals closed and provides all parties involved in the transaction with any of the potential stumbling blocks WELL before any closing is scheduled to take place,
  • Resolves any of the previously mentioned potential stumbling blocks in order to make the closing process an seamless and hassle-free for the parties involved as we possibly can,
  • Charges some of the lowest ‘other’ fees (non-title insurance premium) in the industry,
  • Explains more of what we do and how we do it here.

Mike Haltman, President
(516) 741-4723

To enter the lottery for 2015 Masters Tournament tickets visit their website here and the best of luck to you!

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If you are buying or refinancing Residential or Commercial Real Estate in New York you can potentially save hundreds of dollars in closing costs with Hallmark Abstract Service! Click here to learn more.

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