Using St. Joseph to sell your home!

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If you have ever looked to a ‘higher power’ for help in accomplishing some task and you are now having a difficult time selling your home, St. Joseph may be able to help! 

The question is whether doing what is suggested below will guarantee a successful sale of a property?

Some believe that it absolutely will while others are skeptics but, as we all know, in life there really are only two things that are certain. Given that fact perhaps this idea is worth a try!

In any event here is the process for using St. Joseph in the real estate sales process and if you choose to go this route, best of luck!

St. Joseph and selling your home!

‘Traditionally, Joseph, the husband of Mary, is hailed as the patron saint of home and family. Some believe that burying a statue of St. Joseph in the yard helps sell a house…

Here is how it works: Bury a St. Joseph statue upside-down in your yard, facing toward the for-sale house. After the house sells, the seller is supposed to dig up the statue and place it in a spot of honor in their new home.

The details are debated. Some say the St. Joseph statue should be buried right-side up; others advise burying it by the for-sale sign for easy retrieval.

But Ms. Traina waves the details aside. “We really do emphasize that it’s the belief in St. Joseph and your prayer that really matters,” she says.

Even in stronger market cycles, some agents won’t give up the faith.

Elizabeth Kee, an agent with Core in New York City, carries half a dozen thumb-size St. Joseph medallions in her purse at all times.

She places the medallions in nearly every apartment—in herb gardens and potted plants, on window sills and even behind radiators.

And for sellers who are on the fence, tough luck. “Some sellers get weirded out, so sometimes I tell owners and sometimes I don’t,” she says. “If I have a feeling it won’t go over well, I’ll bury it in front of their building.’ (Source)

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