New York State is #1 but the category is not good! (Map)

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New York State is #1 in the nation for income tax collections per capita!

Every US state would like to be known as the #1 best state for a variety of categories including such things as tourism and quality of life.

But New York State has the ‘honor’ of being #1 in a category that no other state would want!

This ignominious distinction is derived by being the costliest state in the nation in terms of income taxes that are collected from each of the residents here.

And, not to pile on, but that goes for some of the other categories as well!

Lowest cost for doing business: New York State 49th best (South Dakota #1),

Quality of Life: New York State 22nd best (Hawaii #1),

Cost of living: New York State 47th best  (Oklahoma #1). (Source)

Of course some citizens will pay more and some will pay less but, if the statistics above and below tells us anything, it’s that the business and living climate in NYS needs to improve or the exodus of people to other states will continue and possibly expand.

Map of state and local individual income taxes collected by US state per capita!

taxes per capita

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