This is what SUCCESS looks like!

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We’ve all seen them and by them I mean the people for whom success in whatever form seems to come naturally and easily!

Maybe they were the high school quarterback and the star point guard in basketball who then went on to a phenomenal college from where they graduated with honors.

After that they began their career at a top-flight firm steadily moving up the ranks until they finally left to open their own business that they sold several years later for tens of millions of dollars.

The rest is history as they are now semi-retired and living what from the outside appears to be a lifestyle that most aspire to yet will never achieve.

Are some just luckier than the rest? Can it be that simple? I don’t think so!

The reality? Little in life is ever achieved without hard work, sweat equity, taking risks, failing and then getting back up to try again, sacrifice, persistence and perseverance!

And the idea of someone who just seemed to be in the right place at the right time? It most likely would never have happened unless they were out there doing whatever it takes in the first place!

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