Warning: Your Cinco de Mayo cocktail may be sans lime!

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With Cinco de Mayo upon us the bad news is that your Margarita, shot of Tequila or Corona beer may be served without the customary garnish, a wedge of lime!

Of course in the overall scheme of things enjoying a drink without the lime wedge will certainly not be the end of the world but, particularly on Cinco de Mayo, it would be an unfortunate ‘twist’ on what is considered customary and traditional.

For restaurants and bars the problem is that a case of 175 limes that normally has cost in the range of $50 to $75 last week was being quoted at $175.

The cause of the price spike is a cold winter in Florida and a drought in California that damaged the citrus crops and that, for many establishments, is making the lime a ‘by request only’ item.

Nonetheless, as Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on Monday, the phrase that will likely come to the mind of New Yorkers will still be ‘Stay thirsty, my friends!’ with or without the green fruit.

Drink Responsibly!

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