Non-securitized mortgage flow chart

By | January 24, 2011

Exploring the current foreclosure crisis

One of the major issues that will be in the spotlight moving forward will be the foreclosure of mortgages that were bundled and sold as REMIC’s, mortgage backed securities (MBS), and collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO’s). It is likely that for many of these mortgages that were sold and then resold, the paperwork for all of these assignments is not in order. This puts the ability of the lender to foreclose successfully in jeopardy.

What a non-securitized, non-MERS mortgage looks like

The flowchart is of a mortgage that was not securitized and not maintained in the MERS database. It shows the progression from loan origination to mortgage satisfaction. In the next article securitized mortgages will be examined.

One thought on “Non-securitized mortgage flow chart

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    In the above mortgage related article. After the bank bailouts still no one is questioning that any mortgage that was originated with less than 20 % down had Mortgage Insurance.
    Intreresting how nobody questions that its like the Banks got to double dip so to speak, and got money on both ends. With HARP, and other loan programs Mortgage loans appear to be getting fair for all.


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