HAS President Michael Haltman at MarketWatch: Price your home right…the first time!

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The subject: Home sellers need to have realistic pricing expectations! 

When a homeowner or any property owner has made the decision to sell, one of the major keys to insure a successful process is that they have a realistic idea of what this extremely valuable and emotionally charged asset is actually worth!

An analogy often used compares real estate to the stock market in terms of what a seller can reasonably expect to realize from their sale.

For an investor who owns stock in Yahoo that was originally purchased in 1999 for over $100 a share and who wants to sell it today, they are certainly within their rights to ask their broker to place a limit price of $100 that will be good until they cancel it.

Sadly, however, because the stock is trading today at around $35 a share, they are going to be waiting a long time to realize that $100 price assuming that it actually ever happens at all.

Real estate is really not that much different! For homeowners who may have purchased their house prior to the financial crisis in 2007 for $500,000, they more than likely don’t want to hear that it is only worth about $400,000 today. They know that they want to sell but they also know that they really don’t want to lose money in the process.

This is where a real estate agent has the opportunity to either tell the homeowner what they want to hear or to tell them what is actually the reality  of the situation.

The vast majority of agents will be upfront and honest while trying to instill a sense of reality in their potential client while others, the vast minority, may take the listing at the higher price to the detriment of the client.

From an article at MarketWatch by Jonathan Burton, this is the quote from HAS President Michael Haltman in the section of the article titled, “Your home isn’t worth as much as you think.”!

Some real estate agents joke that there are two types of home sellers: Those who want more money than their house can fetch, and those who refuse to back off that position.

Some agents won’t take a listing from a seller who wants more than the market will bear. Other agents aren’t so choosy, says Michael Haltman, president of title insurance provider Hallmark Abstract Service in Jericho, N.Y. — even though overpricing can come back to bite the seller by lengthening the amount of time the house sits on the market.

These agents encourage a seller to have surreal expectations, by promising to get top dollar for the house. The wide-eyed seller then signs with the agent who talked up the listing, and the house comes on the market at the seller’s dream price. But after a few weeks with no serious offers, the agent advises cutting the price.

At that point, Haltman says, a seller has little choice but to drop the asking price to a more realistic level — and is none the wiser to the agent’s tricks. “Human nature is you want the top,” Haltman notes. An agent’s job, he adds, is to set a seller’s expectations, not to follow them and create disappointment later. (Source)


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2 thoughts on “HAS President Michael Haltman at MarketWatch: Price your home right…the first time!

  1. Ross Ellis

    I completely agree with Michael. If a home is not priced right it will sit on the market for a long time.

    Perfect example … I was asked to take a listing in a studio alcove apartment here in NYC. I knew from the comps and building’s previous sales that it would only sell for $450K. The owner insisted on $800K and I walked away not taking the listing. Six years and many brokers later, the apartment is still on the market. In fact, the owner became a broker and has the apartment listed at $700K. I expect the apartment to be on the market for longer.

    The moral of the story is: Listen to your broker. We know the market and if a home is worth more, of course we would price it for more. But we all need to be realistic when selling. Pricing a home right will sell your home!

    Ross Ellis
    Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
    Halstead Property
    New York


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