Spring has sprung so it’s time for the garden! (DIY Video)

By | March 21, 2014

title insurance, New York,New York City,Long Island,Michael HaltmanWith Spring arriving yesterday, homeowners minds will begin to turn outdoors which means that landscaping and planting gardens won’t be very far behind!

Now the fact is that some of us have a green thumb and some of us don’t!

For some merely dropping seeds on the ground results in a beautiful garden while for others all of the planning, tilling, mulching and top soil only yields weeds.

At the same time some of us know the types of flowers to plant, where to plant them and the correct time of year to do it while again, some of us don’t!

But many of us would like to at least try both for the potential sense of accomplishment as well as for the money that a DIY project can save.

Additionally, if by chance a homeowner is thinking that they will be selling their house and that it will be listed in the spring, a good looking outdoors is critical to insure that there will be the all important ‘curb appeal’ when a prospective buyer pulls up.

After all first impressions are lasting impressions and quality landscaping goes a long way towards establishing a positive buyer attitude.

There’s quite a bit of information on the topic of landscaping that’s available on the internet or from the landscaping companies themselves, but to make the beginning of the process a little bit easier, we wanted to provide the video below as a good primer.

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