The #1 and #2 top ways to sell your home are…

title insurance New YorkThe Spring house selling season is upon us (although given the snow in the northeast you would be hard-pressed to believe that’s the case) so what are some of the ways that a homeowner can insure the highest probability for a sale?

1) Choose the right real estate broker!

  • This could be more than just number one because it really is a major key to the whole process!
  • How do you know where to start looking for the ultimate broker? In an area that allows For Sale signs the broker of choice can often be very obvious.
  • If you live where signs are not allowed, the name of the neighborhoods stud broker will likely be known by your friends and neighbors.
  • Typically there is a reason people go with the top real estate brokers in an area, the primary one being that they became the top broker by getting the job done which means getting houses sold. And isn’t that what it’s all about?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the prospective brokers questions about their methodology and to give you examples of past successes and reasons why some of their listings failed to sell.
  • Do they have potential buyers already in their database, have they had success in your neighborhood and price range in the past, will they be spending money to promote and advertise your listing and if so how much, do they use professional photographers, do they put their listings on MLS and all of the major real estate internet portals, what commission percentage would they agree to, etc.

2) Price your house right! 

  • It doesn’t matter what your house was worth in 2006, 2009 or 2013.
  • Real estate is just a market in the same way that any commodity is. Each house on a block may have different bells and whistles but a neighborhood is a neighborhood.
  • Your house is only worth what someone is willing to pay so listing it above what it is worth will likely not work to your advantage.
  • If you interview four real estate brokers and three suggest that you list your house in the $600K to $625K range while a fourth listens to the price you think it’s worth ($725K) and agrees to list it there, going with them will likely be a mistake.
  • They want your listing and are banking on the fact that you will agree to lower your asking price in a few weeks when there is no traffic and no offers.
  • Buyers today are smart and use the internet to comb through the available inventory. Find a broker you can trust and list your house at a price that makes sense.
  • If your house really is the gem you think that it is you will have price wars in your driveway and get above your asking price anyway!

Do you have any thoughts for what numbers 3-10 should be or disagree with 1 and 2? Leave your ideas in the Comments below!

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5 thoughts on “The #1 and #2 top ways to sell your home are…

  1. Vanessa Gad

    Number one reason to work with an agent you get maximum exposure. You will get the higher price point if you give your listing to an agent. If you put for sale by owner the agents won’t work with you at the same ease, as if you have an exclusive signed.
    Number 2, owner are not licensed real eatate agents, even if they think that the agent job is easy, it is not like any other job out there you need to know all the rules and regulations, that will help you buy and sell any kind of property. The hardest process it is after the offer is accepted, if you are not a professional real estate agent you can loose the deal.
    I have been doing it for over 16 years and I know that to hire a licensed real estate sales person it is the way you have to do. If this wasn’t true, all the agents will have no jobs right now.
    Good luck with your real estate transaction. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Vanessa Gad
    CEO of Gad Realty NYC LLC

  2. Ross Elis

    All true!
    Also important to think about the fact that real estate brokers have market knowledge.

    By looking at your newspaper and reading the Internet, you may think you know the prices in your neighborhood. Your professional broker has up to the minute knowledge of what’s happening in your neighborhood. And … they know your neighborhood’s comparable properties and sales. They know market conditions and can present data and information to you that you would have no way of knowing.
    Real estate brokers work for you.

    Professional brokers qualify buyers. Would you want an offer only to find out the buyers can’t afford to buy your home?

    The paperwork of selling, buying or renting a home can be daunting. When doing this paperwork on your own, one mistake could be the most expensive mistake you’ve ever made. It could even have legal implications. Professional real estate brokers handle all of the necessary paperwork needed to make your sale, purchase or rental a successful and smooth transaction.

    A good broker is there for you every step of the way … including being there for you after your closing. Whether you have questions or any issue related to your property, they’re there to assist you.

    A good broker is worth their weight in gold.

    Ross Ellis
    Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
    Halstead Property, LLC
    212.317.7828 direct

  3. Carter McHyman

    All of the comments above are great and extremely valid. Something else to consider when selecting a broker is their prefessional presentation. Remember that the Broker you select will be representing you as well as your home to the world and they should reflect that with both their appearance as well as their Marketing Materials. I would recommend that the agent you select take a Minimum of 6 Professional Photos of the Home. In addition I believe a Floor Plan of the Home is essential. When I take a listing I usually have a minimum of 10 professional photos and for one listing I had over 20 because it was a very unique property. The description is also a very important aspect of the listing, and every attention to detail is key to presenting the property in the proper light. I have asked many a seller to Highlight certain aspects of their home that stand out, as well as tell me what made them purchase the home when it was their turn buying.

    Something else that is extremely important is the showing process. I would make sure that the Listing Agent is present for all showings and Open Houses. In some parts of the US it is not customary for the listing agent to be present during showings and Open Houses and this is a huge mistake. If your agent is representing you he/she should be present for any and all showings as there will be features that are not readily discernable that the listing agent will help to point out. Such things as how the home recently underwent a complete plumbing and electrical upgrade etc.

    Perception is also critical. How you perceive your broker is how the world will perceive him/her. It is important when selecting your broker that you feel they have your best interests at heart and don’t have the dreaded “Commission Breath”. Your Broker selection is critical and proper time should be devoted to selecting the right person as listing with the wrong broker can severly impact you.

    I would like to sincerely wish you all the best with your home selling strategy and may it sell quickly and for the most amount humanly possible in the shortest amount of time imaginable!

    Carter McHyman
    Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
    Chairman’s Circle Platinum 2013
    Douglas Elliman Real Estate
    Cell: 917.776.7623

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  5. anna

    The right representation is everything! Here is a step by step guide on finding the right agent:

    -Look for an agent that is very networked in the business community. If someone refers an agent to you, it’s a good sign that the agent has many contacts and is remembered when real estate matters arise.
    -What happens when you call the agent for the first time? if your call goes to voicemail, is the greeting professional? how soon does the agent call you back? are calls returned by the agent or an assistant?
    -A face to face meeting is best to begin the dialogue, whether you are a buyer or seller. This is a big transaction and you want to make sure you are comfortable before giving out personal information over the phone or email.
    – Ask the agent how he/she differentiates him/herself from the rest of the real estate community. Chances are, if the agent has the ability to stand out, that agent will have the ability to make your home stand out as well.
    -Be careful with pricing. Agents know that sellers interview several realtors for the job and sometimes it becomes an “auction”, the realtor that gives the highest selling price gets the job. Later, the owner is forced to lower the price to meet the market, but the damage has been done because the property is now stale. Avoid someone whose pricing seems unrealistic.
    – How does the agent present him/herself? What will the agent do specifically for you? Does the agent work full time or the agent have another career and Real estate is just a “side job”? How many years in the business? IS your neighborhood a part of that agent’s territory? does the agent have experience with the your type of property (brand new, summer home, senior condo,waterfront, commercial, condo, coop, etc)? Different properties as well as different price points require different skill sets.
    -If you are meeting the agent for the first time, ask for references from past buyers and sellers.
    – Finally, it is going to be about the chemistry and psychological fit with your agent, you will be working closely together for quite a while, so make sure it is someone you are comfortable with!

    For a free initial consultation, feel free to contact me 516-641-0754. All inquiries strictly confidential. your lifetime realtor, Anna Beigelman serving Long Island and Queens since 2001, fluent in Russian


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