Infographic: The move towards work from home jobs!

By | February 9, 2014

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Have companies determined that workers working from home is a more efficient way of doing business in the 21st century?

Judging by this infographic it certainly seems that some business leaders think that it is while for others the jury is still out!


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One thought on “Infographic: The move towards work from home jobs!

  1. Jessica

    Nice quick and easy post! I do believe that a lot of companies are moving towards work from home solutions. To go along with some of the numbers you have posted a lot of companies are going towards the work from home solution to help cut down overhead cost as well as insurance cost and so forth. I would also like to add to your post that there are a lot of legit work from home typing jobs out there to that’s becoming pretty big. Many companies are looking for people to do the dirty work without having to pay out a lot of cost. Our company staff people for work from jobs and we have found another company that provides people with legit data entry work. The only downside to some may be that they do however charge a 1 time fee of 29.95 to ensure that the quality of workers is good. It’s kind of the same as Arise and there virtual agents. I’ll add the tiny URL link in which this may be helpful to some!


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