Ever have questions about the Uniform Commercial Code as it relates to mortgage notes?

By | December 29, 2011

Hallmark Abstract Service Jericho, New YorkA somewhat arcane topic I know, but if you happen to have an interest then this report may be for you!

I received the report titled “Report of the permanent editorial board for the Uniform Commercial Code – Application of the Uniform Commercial Code to selected issues relating to mortgage notesthe other day from a law professor on the west coast.

The following is an excerpt that discusses the topics covered along with a link if you wanted to read more about it.

“… Recent economic developments have brought to the forefront complex legal issues about the enforcement and collection of mortgage debt. Many of these issues are governed by local real property law and local rules of foreclosure procedure, but others are addressed in a uniform way throughout the United States by provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).1 Although the UCC provisions are settled law, it has become apparent that not all courts and attorneys are familiar with them. In addition, the complexity of some of the rules has proved daunting…

… This Report does not, however, address all of the rules in the UCC relating to enforcement, transfer, and ownership of mortgage notes. Rather, it reviews the rules relating to four specific questions:

  • Who is the person entitled to enforce a mortgage note and, correspondingly, to whom is the obligation to pay the note owed?
  • How can the owner of a mortgage note effectively transfer ownership of that note to another person or effectively use that note as collateral for an obligation?
  • What is the effect of transfer of an interest in a mortgage note on the mortgage securing it?
  • May a person to whom an interest in a mortgage note has been transferred, but who has not taken a recordable assignment of the mortgage, take steps to become the assignee of record in the real estate recording system of the mortgage securing the note?…”
Read the full report here.








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