Blogging, social media and SEO for the legal sector! (Infographic)

By | December 27, 2011

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What steps are lawyers taking in the area of blogging and social media?

There are of course many variables to this question including whether or not the attorney  is a solo practitioner or part of a group practice, but the bottom-line is that many competitors may currently be involved in some or all of these activities: blogging, social media and SEO of their websites.

There can be benefits to all of the above but as in any business decision, for any benefit an attorney will face additional time requirements and for SEO some added expense.

Much of the decision to move forward will come down to a cost/benefit analysis where the cost is a monetary one in terms of out of pocket cash and/or time spent on the process, and the benefit can be tangible in the form of increased business. Or, it may not be that easy to calculate in bottom-line terms but no less real in the form of increased stature or positioning as an industry expert and go-to attorney.

Infographics that will answer many of your internet marketing questions!

Social media for lawyers

(click to enlarge)

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