Do You Ever Wonder About Good Cause Eviction? Alex Lycoyannis of Rosenberg & Estis Fills Us in!

By | March 23, 2022

Do You Ever Wonder About New York State’s Proposed Good Cause Eviction Law?

It ultimately will not be good for anyone involved, both landlords and tenants!  

We spoke with Alex Lycoyannis, partner at Rosenberg & Estis, P.C., who fills us in!

Watch his interview with Hallmark Abstract Service CEO Michael Haltman on YouTube here:

Listen to the audio of the interview on your favorite streaming platform here:…/10299597-do….


If you are buying a New York home, remember that…

New York Title Insurance IS NOT All The Same and It’s Your RIGHT To Choose Your Title Insurance Provider!

Read more about differences between New York title insurance providers here,…/.

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