Do You Ever Wonder Speaks With The Everyday Entrepreneur Rob Basso About Business Building and Driving Small Business Success!

By | February 21, 2022

The Hallmark Abstract Service Podcast, Do You Ever Wonder, Presents The Everyday Entrepreneur…Rob Basso (

The 30-minute conversation hosted by Hallmark Abstract Service CEO Michael Haltman, covers a wide range of business issues while providing great nuggets of information, advice and lessons for business owners, executives, aspiring entrepreneurs and more.

This is particularly timely, as post-Covid we all are striving to find our way!

Listen here, or on your favorite streaming platform below.

Know by the nickname The Everyday Entrepreneur,  your host Mike Haltman first met Rob Basso many years ago through business development events, and then had the opportunity to speak in more depth at a book signing for Rob’s book, The Everyday Entrepreneur.

Rob has been interviewed a great many times on various television and cable channels, and he speaks to topics of great interest including entrepreneurship, small business success, striving for financial freedom and best practices in business to name just a few.

He is very involved in philanthropy, and in fact your host Mike and Rob both participated as boxers in the Long Island Fight for Charity.

To categorize Rob and his endeavors in a few simple words, he is an Investor, Coach, Mentor, Real Estate Investor, Consultant, Sales and Marketing Expert and CEO for hire.

His book serves as a primer for pursuing entrepreneurial ambitions and achieving success, and over the next 30-minutes or so we will explore some of his lessons and thoughts.

The Everyday Entrepreneur is filled with strategies and powerful anecdotes about defining and setting goals and pushing for entrepreneurial success, Inside it reveals how readers can apply the ambitions of a go-getter in their own lives, position themselves ahead of the pack, examine how to calculate risk, and understand the mindset necessary to venture forward on their own.

It’s filled with valuable lessons about driving business growth and honing your entrepreneurial instincts to the fullest and it includes thoughtful interviews of successful individuals from diverse backgrounds

Rob Basso can be reached by email here,

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