NYC Apartment Dweller? What Are You Entitled To?

By | February 21, 2022

Haves and Have Nots – A guide to NYC apartment dwelling!

There are 11 things that a NYC apartment must have, and 11 that do not have to be provided.

One of the items not necessary to be provided likely make FedEx and UPS cringe!

From Brick Underground, read more in the article ’11 things NYC landlords are required to provide, and 11 they’re not that might surprise you’ here,


One things for sure though, if you’re buying property in New York you will want to have title insurance protecting your new asset!

Make sure you are not paying too much in ancillary charges because the amount potentially saved could be in the many hundreds of dollars and in some cases $1,000 or more!

To examine the title costs for the New York residential property you’re considering buying using Hallmark Abstract Service ancillary fees, use our free Title Bill App by clicking here,

Read more about differences between title insurance providers here,

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