Do You Ever Wonder About International Law? Meet Sonya Shaykhoun!

By | February 16, 2022

The Commercially Savvy Lawyer

Our guest in this episode of Do You Ever Wonder is Sonya Shaykhoun, a New York  attorney, Manhattan native and resident, and attorney lynchpin between Western and Middle Eastern markets.

She developed keen contract negotiation and drafting skills. working on cutting-edge million and billion-dollar projects when at multinational and global companies like Orbit Communications Company in Bahrain (which later merged with Showtime and became OSN in Dubai), Al Jazeera Media Network, and Qatar Airways in Doha, Qatar.

After working for global companies from 2004 to 2019 in Bahrain and Qatar, Sonya returned to NYC in 2019 to set up her own solo practice,

She is a multilingual specialist in cross-border transactions; tech, media, telecoms, & satellites; aviation; high-value contracts; anti-corruption, governance, & compliance and, for any company seeking to begin doing business in the Middle East or work some of the kinks out of a currently ongoing project, Sonya is a go-to resource.

More than that, however, and what drew me to ask Sonya on as a guest, she is the author of a fantastic newsletter The Commercially Savvy Lawyer that speaks to many useful, interesting and thought provoking topics.

Recent examples covered in our discussion today includes a look at corporate sabotage, the art of listening and finally an article that asks the question, do you have what it takes to be a commercial attorney?

You can reach Sonya here,, and here, (929) 408-4531

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