Do You Ever Wonder About Living With Deadly Food Allergies? with Host Hallmark Abstract Service CEO Mike Haltman

By | February 9, 2022

Do You Ever Wonder? with your Host, Mike Haltman

In this episode we welcome our special guest, Noreen Okarter, eating and living with deadly food allergies expert and founder of the firm Food Sitch! Listen here,

If after listening to the episode you would like to get in touch with Noreen, use the link to her website above or let Mike Haltman know at

The Episode Backstory

The reality is that whether our business is title insurance, real estate, law, retail, technology or something else, most if not all of us have been touched by food allergies suffered by friends or family that can range from mild to deadly!

Mike was recently flying home from Arizona, when the flight attendant came on the loudspeaker to let the passengers know that there was someone on board with a life threatening allergy to peanuts.

A request was made that no one should take out any food that had peanuts associated with them in any way. Talk about putting faith and trust in a group of strangers while trapped at 35,000 feet!

Do You Ever Wonder? I did!

In the spirit of Do You Ever Wonder, he thought about how people with severe food allergies coexist in a world where food ingredients can often be surprising and, for some potentially dangerous and life threatening.

He decided to find an expert in the area, and fortunately knew one who agreed to come on as our guest.

Noreen Okarter, who grew-up suffering with a variety of severe and potentially deadly food allergies has become an expert in healthy living, and in making correct food choices with a specialty in severe allergies and autoimmune diseases.

‘Whether it’s managing your social life safely, dining out, dating, staying safe at school or at work, traveling or cooking,  Noreen and Food Sitch provides the tools for its clients to excel at everyday living by creating healthy eating habits and mindset positivity.’


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