A NYC Hotel ➡️ Affordable Housing Plan…

By | January 31, 2022

With many moving parts and a shortage of details, can this NYC hotel conversion to affordable housing plan be done successfully?

NYC Hotel ➡️ Affordable Housing…

In NYC can defunct hotels be successfully converted to affordable housing units?

As with most promises driven by political campaigning, the devil is in the as-yet to be released details that will ultimately cross various government jurisdictions!

From the Commercial Observer article, ‘Can NYC Successfully Convert Hotels and Offices to Affordable Housing?’…

‘…there are multiple layers of complex policy that officials need to unpack, across various city and state agencies. Does the city need a new tax incentive program to encourage these projects? What kind of zoning changes need to be made? How should the state legislature change the multiple dwelling law to encourage commercial conversions? How much money should the city set aside to encourage affordable housing in hotels and office buildings…’


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Source article: https://commercialobserver.com/2022/01/new-york-city-hotel-rooms-affordable-housing-converting/

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