NYC residents have been voting with their feet and moving away!

By | January 28, 2022

In NYC, people Are Voting With Their Feet!

Relocations in the 4th quarter of 2021 were near the pandemic peak according to research being done by Redfin users!

In Q4 2021 31.2%, and in Q1 2021 31.5% of Redfin users were looking into to moving elsewhere.

WHY Is New York City on the net outflow list?

The question goes to New York’s ‘leaders’…Why is New York number 3 on the list of cities people are looking to move out of?

Some thoughts include…

1) Cost of living,

2) Crime,

3) Quality of life,

4) Taxes,

5) Density,

6) Ability to work from home.

New York is at a crossroads, but it’s certainly not too late for the world’s greatest city. 

Remember though that regardless of your political affiliation, elections have consequences. 

Don’t just vote based on a political party letter designation, but vote the best person for a job!!!


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