Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce CEO Randy Peers Knows Brooklyn…’Not Just a Borough, An Experience’

By | January 21, 2022


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Welcome to Brooklyn! “Not Just a Borough, An Experience”!

The Borough covers 72 square miles and, if it was an independent city, Brooklyn would be the fourth largest in the United States by population!

The population is extremely diverse and spans about 77 unique neighborhoods.

This episode of Do You Ever Wonder features a discussion with Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce President and CEO  Randy Peers.

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is definitely not your mother’s Chamber of Commerce!

Randy rejoined and took the helm of the Brooklyn Chamber in September 2019, but since about March 2020 when Covid-19 shut most businesses down, his role abruptly changed.

In this episode some of the subjects we touch on include:

  • Brooklyn Chambers role for its members during ‘normal’ times,
  • When an economic bomb drops, Covid-19, and the catastrophic impact on members,
  • Eviction moratorium issues for building owners, and when it ends about 1/3 of businesses owe back rent,
  • Lessons learned in crisis management,
  • Leadership tools and style during a crisis,
  • Psychological role with businesses,
  • Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce lobbying and advocacy efforts,
  • Membership outreach efforts with some members in okay shape and others that definitely are not,
  • Brooklyn Chamber recruiting new members continues and in what form,
  • Have financial accommodations been offered to members,
  • How has the value proposition of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce been conveyed,
  • Issues faced concerning businesses coming back to the office,
  • Supply chain issues, cost of materials and employee shortages,
  • Double dip…Omicron

Visit the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce website here,

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