Hallmark Abstract Service Proudly Presents the Do You Ever Wonder? Podcast, Hosted by CEO Mike Haltman

By | October 9, 2021

What do you wonder about? We all have questions that we very much plan on getting the answers to, but because our lives get in the way often never get around to finding out!

We can hopefully help!

By popular demand, Hallmark Abstract Service is very proud to announce the creation of the Do You Ever Wonder? Podcast, Hosted by Mike Haltman!

We have transitioned from a LinkedIn Live production to a podcast format, enabling the show to reach an even greater audience and attract many more special guests who would like to tell their ‘story’.

Our guest list will feature many of the top names in a variety of different professions and industries who will engage in a light and breezy, yet substantive and informative, discussion that will enlighten all of us about their specific area of expertise.

Topics will touch on every area of our lives from work to home and everything in-between.

Do you, or someone you know, have a story to tell that you think the masses would like to learn about? Some examples…

  • Are you an entrepreneur who has overcome adversity, leading to a successful business?

  • Do you have a job that few of us do like professional golf caddy, thoroughbred jockey or craps croupier in Las Vegas or Atlantic City?

  • Did you start with nothing as an employee in a real estate company, and now own multiple buildings?

  • Are you an attorney specializing in a niche area that few know about, but should?

  • Were you devastated by the Covid-economy, leading to a reinvention that has created phenomenal success?

  • And everything else…

You get the idea…Our guest list will only be limited by our imaginations!

Or do YOU have questions that you’ve always wanted the answers to, let us know at info@hallmarkabstractllc.com!

In the meantime, stay tuned for the inaugural episode of ‘Do You Ever Wonder?, Hosted by Mike Haltman’!

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