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By | January 14, 2021

Real estate businesses and law firms need to take the steps that are available now, in order to escape the coronavirus penalty box early!

Pandemic has ravaged the world, and many businesses have become mired in a struggle for simple survival!

For others survival isn’t the question, but their businesses have and remain in a year-long penalty box of limited initiatives and possibilities.

Business development activities as we once knew them have been relegated to Zoom meetings and networking events on 16″ screens, with the faces of participants domiciled in tiny squares!

Of course while that has been our reality since February/March 2020, options absolutely exist for those wanting exposure in the marketplace.

Hallmark Abstract Service strives to offer solid alternatives to real estate industry professionals including attorneys, real estate agents, mortgage loan originators and others!

The Hallmark Abstract Service Edge

  • Expand your reach to current and potential clients through Hallmark Abstract Service podcast vignettes,
  • Expose your knowledge as an industry leader and subject matter expert through a real estate-related article (250+ words) that you write for the Hallmark Abstract Service blog. Articles typically receive 2,000+ unique views and additional exposure across social media and Google,
  • Express your competitive edge by offering clients and prospects the free and on demand Hallmark Abstract Appallowing homebuyers and home sellers (and real estate industry professionals) to perform many critical functions. These include creation of a title bill, Buy vs Sell analysis, Loan Estimate Quote, Seller Net Sheet and much more,
  • Earn more of a presence across social media on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook by leveraging the strength of Hallmark Abstract accounts across all three mediums!

Are you interested in learning more about the ways that Hallmark Abstract can help bring the markets attention to your practice or company?

Contact Hallmark Abstract CEO Mike Haltman at, or by calling (516) 741-4723.
If you’re buying residential or commercial real estate in New York State remember…

New York Title Insurance IS NOT All The Same!

Read why that’s true here:

If you have any questions contact Hallmark Abstract at or at (646) 741-6101

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