Do you blog for your practice? You probably should!

By | August 5, 2011

Blogging for your practice!

We’ve all heard about blogging and chances are that each day we might read one or two.

But how many law practices actually do it themselves? And, is it a necessary part of growing a business?

For many of us who run a small business or for solo practitioners, the thought of adding one more responsibility can seem daunting. However, the benefits of establishing a web presence beyond just your website is definitely worth the effort.

Growing your reach, name recognition and establishing yourself as an “expert” in your field!

These are just some of the ways that a blog can help you and your practice grow.

If running out of ideas for topics to write about is one of the things holding you back from starting, the list below helps take care of that problem!

Hallmark Abstract Service would be happy to help!

While our business is title insurance, if your firm is interested in learning the basics for setting up a company blog we would be more than happy to stop by and show you how.

It won’t take much time for you to be on your way!

Just give us a call, ask for Mike Haltman and I would be happy to help!

Potential sources for story ideas!

1. Google Alerts, newspapers and magazines. Use current events as a springboard for your blog entries.

2. Ask yourself, “What’s the next big trend?” or “What’s next?” Everyone wants to know what’s over the horizon.

3. Read your competitors’ blogs and comments. Seeing what other lawyers are writing about will prompt you to think of a blog topic.

4. Ask yourself, “What is my client’s biggest fear or concern?” Writing about what keeps them up at night will always be a well-read entry.

5. Conduct an interview. Spend a few minutes on the phone with the head of a trade association, an author in your field or event a client. People enjoy when you put them in the spotlight and you will share in their credibility.

6. Write a sequel or follow up to a past post. Look over your greatest hits, using your blog traffic reports. If a topic was worth writing about, it will probably be worth returning to.

7. Ask a question. Is there an issue in your area of practice that you’re tackling? Discuss your mixed feelings. You can use Zoomerang to insert a reader poll into your blog for free.

8. Make a prediction. You don’t have to be right and no one will hold you to account. But it’s interesting to read what people think will happen.

9. Review the past. How has your area of practice changed over the past year? Five years?

10. Create a regular feature. Focus on a recurring basis on a topic of continuing interest — like a high profile trial.

11. Read your comments. If a reader took the time to give their opinion, it could be a topic worth exploring.

12. Read your social media group’s questions. What are people chatting about on LinkedIn? Answer on your blog, then go back and provide a link.

13. Recruit a guest. Or two. When all else fails, call for backup. Sometimes you just need to take the pressure off so your post-generator has a little time to recuperate.


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