A Pox On Both Of Their Houses – Mercutio! (Opinion)

By | December 13, 2020

I am not a politician, but instead the owner of a title insurance company in New York who deeply believes in each and every one of the terms in the photo above!

As a business owner I have a responsibility to my family, my employees, my vendors, my clients and myself, to do as much as I can to make our product great and business as successful as it can be for all of its constituents.

In other words, I have ACCOUNTABILITY!

An interesting word accountability or, ‘a willingness to accept responsibility for our own actions.’ As businesspeople that is what we do on a daily basis. And if the bottom line results are not adequate, there are repercussions. These may include an impact on salaries, bonuses, staffing numbers and, yes, potentially the ability to maintain as a going concern.

Mea Culpa! In the next segment I will violate the common business practice that dictates not to discuss politics. I agree with this premise and ordinarily attempt to conform to that practice. In this case, however, my thoughts refer to each and ever politician in federal and state government regardless of party affiliation!

So then, whose ‘house’ is being referred to in this articles title? Congress and state officials, both Republicans and Democrats!

I watch the news along with most others who want to maintain some semblance of knowledge concerning the goings on with Covid-19 relief and the Covid-19 vaccine.

In the beginning of the pandemic moves were made to shut businesses down, though my business was one of the fortunate ones that for whatever reason was declared ‘essential’ by the powers that be. Essential is merely a term, however, because the reality is that EVERY business is essential. Other business owners who have the very same responsibilities and accountabilities described above as I do.

So who has no accountability? It comes as no surprise to realize that it’s the very people who spew empty cliches in front of the cameras while accomplishing little of real value for ‘We The People!

That would be politicians on both sides of the aisle whose only allegiances are to the people pulling their strings. The people who have the power of the purse (and political party endorsement) when it comes to their next election campaign or committee post.

‘We feel the pain of the people on Main Street’

‘We know that something must get done’

‘We are willing to compromise’

‘The other side won’t negotiate in good faith’

Just some of the useless and empty cliches that come as second nature to the ’empty suits’ in Washington and elsewhere!

People are suffering, businesses are closing left and right, unemployment has skyrocketed, savings are being depleted, mental health has been severely impacted, and schools have basically taken the year off.

And yet, any help to those shutdown mandatorily by federal and state governments is mired in political bickering and gamesmanship.

And why is that? NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

I’m not sure what the answer is although another cliche one would be ‘throw the bums out in the next election’. The problem is that we just had an election and the need is immediate!

What I do know is that looking at the Congressional calendar, these supposed ‘leaders’ of our nation will be going on yet another vacation for what will be Happy Holidays! For them!

And while they may cobble together some ‘compromise’ bill before they leave, it will only be because it will have been the politically expedient thing to do. People need help, and they need it now!

Michael Haltman, CEO
Hallmark Abstract Service

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Michael Haltman and do not
necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Hallmark Abstract Service.

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