New York Real Estate Attorneys: Differentiate Your Practice Even More With Hallmark Abstract’s Incredible Technology (that’s also free)!

By | November 12, 2020

As an attorney who works with residential real estate clients in New York State, how can you add even more value to their experience with your firm?

In other words what differentiating ‘value adds’ do you offer that help to set you apart from your peers and drive testimonials and referrals at the same time?

Sometimes this can be a difficult question to answer, but we think Hallmark Abstract Service can help!

(Note: If you can’t wait to discover the technology described in the article’s title, skip straight to below the video)

The Real Estate Attorney Mission

For the homebuyer, a key mission of their attorney is to protect them through the process of making what may be the largest financial decision of their lives.

Contracts can be complicated, and properties can have issues that need to be explored below the surface before the green light is given to sign a name on the dotted line.

And of course, bottomline, is the experience with their attorney in bringing the transaction to the closing table and across the finish line (i.e. were phone calls answered and questions responded to in a timely manner).

For the home seller, the attorney wants to make sure that the contract details serve their clients best interests and protects them, while working with the buyers attorney to get the deal closed.

The contract preparation process reminds us to a certain extent of a Seinfeld episode, with the desire of all involved that it be done both quickly and well.

The Law of Client Attraction

But in todays marketplace is there more to the formula of client attraction, than those tools that the majority of attorneys may already possess and be using?

Are there any obvious differentiating factors an attorney can easily acquire and use?

Of course, due to your skills and expertise there are testimonials of prior clients that potential new clients can find and read which are priceless, and that every attorney should try to solicit and promote.

There are Google Business pages for law firms (and all other firms) that will present your practice to a potential new client searching the internet for a great attorney who can help them. If you don’t have one of these it should be created!

And then there’s this…Knowledge Is Power!

The Hallmark Abstract Service App: Incredibly Valuable Technology That’s Free and at Your Fingertips!

The Hallmark Abstract Service App provides valuable on demand information to an attorney BUT, it also provides that same incredibly valuable information to homebuyers, home sellers, mortgage brokers and real estate agents! And you can show it to them.

A small number of attorneys in New York have access to this technology that provides all of the functionality below.

It’s simple to register and free to use… Click here to explore the possibilities The Hallmark Abstract Service App!

  • On Demand Title Bill: A title bill can be created for any property, at any purchase price and with any mortgage amount, across New York State.

A significant benefit for a homebuyer or mortgage applicant who possesses our output, is that the non-title insurance premium fees being quoted are Hallmark Abstract’s that are among the lowest in the industry potentially saving up to $1,000 for the buyer!

We envision this Title Bill being made available at Open Houses by real estate agents, created by attorneys and used for a preliminary conversation with a homebuyer, or created by a mortgage loan originator to provide information to an applicant for a mortgage on their very first call!

And in addition to creating Title Bills, the App also creates the following

  • Loan Estimate,
  • Closing Disclosure,
  • Seller Net Sheet,
  • Seller’s Multiple Offers,
  • Buyer Estimate,
  • Monthly Affordability,
  • Rent vs. Buy Analysis

Do you have questions or comments? Please contact Hallmark Abstract Service CEO Mike Haltman here:

Phone: (646) 741-6101

The Hallmark Abstract Service App

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