The Hallmark Abstract Service Title Bill App Is Free, Live, And The Reviews Have Been Phenomenal!

By | August 6, 2020

For New York Homebuyers and Real Estate Professionals (Attorney, RE Agent, Mortgage Broker), Knowledge is Power and Information is King!

Hallmark Abstract Service Can Now Provide You With That Knowledge With The HAS Title Bill App (example below)!

The HAS App is Designed to give attorneys, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and homebuyers in New York key information about the closing costs that they or their clients will face at the closing table for their transaction, before the negotiations with a seller even begin!

In addition the HAS App can provide Loan Estimate Quotes, Seller Net Sheet, Buyer Estimates and even a Rent vs. Buy Analysis!

The Hallmark Abstract Service App (click here, Register button in the grey area)

Free To Download, Free To Use, Priceless Information Provided For Clients!

For professionals working with homebuyers, the HAS App allows them very early on in a transaction, the ability to provide information that the majority of other professionals cannot!

In addition the HAS App can create a Loan Estimate Quote, Seller Net Sheet, Buyer Estimates and even Rent Vs. Buy Analysis!

Scenario: A real estate agent is asked by a potential home buyer during an Open House for a $750,000 home in Nassau County, New York, what expenses to expect.

In addition to the typical expenses, the real estate agent in about 30-seconds using the HAS App, prior to the Open House even beginning, can provide a handout similar to the one below (output varies depending on the city, mortgage amount, etc.).

Scenario: An attorney speaking with a client considering a bid on the same priced house, can also present them with information concerning what to expect, more than most other attorneys without the HAS App!

Value-Adds are where referrals begin!

Title Insurance and Closing Costs Information, On Demand!

In addition, by creating a title bill with the HAS App, the results will include Hallmark Abstract’s industry low ancillary and ‘junk’ fees, potentially saving the homebuyer many hundreds of dollars versus other title insurance providers.

And for those unfamiliar with Hallmark Abstract Service:

  • Hallmark Abstract provides title insurance through the top and best capitalized underwriters,

  • Has an incredibly impressive track record concerning title claims, and

  • Has some of the lowest ancillary and ‘junk’ fees in the industry potentially saving our clients up to $1,000 on their closing when compared to competitors!

Check out the HAS App, and please give us feedback on the value-add you believe it can help you to provide to clients!

Michael Haltman, CEO
Hallmark Abstract Service

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