Role-Playing in New York Real Estate!

The Role of Hallmark Abstract Service is Straightforward!

Straightforward in terms of the end result leading to a title insurance policy, but in the age of coronavirus the process has most definitely required a greater degree of creativity due to business and governmental closures along with the need for social distancing!

As a title insurance provider in New York State our role is simple – To protect clients in a purchase (or refinance) of residential or commercial property, making sure that they have ‘good, clean and clear title’ in what may be the single-greatest financial transaction of their lives!

The actual route of getting to the title insurance policy may be simple, or it could take a roundabout path filled with potential landmines. But it is our job to get there while at the same time making it as easy as possible for the real estate attorney or mortgage loan officer.

And for those very rare cases where a title landmine becomes an actual impediment to obtaining ‘good, clean and clear title’ to the property, it is our job to be crystal clear about that as well and advise that they not close!

We take our role extremely seriously, keeping a laser-focus on our clients best interests.

We also understand that many, if not most of those reading this, will already have strong and solid relationships with a title insurance provider. That is fantastic, and we completely understand as we have those same relationships with the clients that we work with.

However it is critical to have a strong, viable and tested Plan B for New York title insurance because, as the financial crisis taught us more than 10-years ago, seismic shifts in the business landscape can sometimes destroy everything in its path!

What’s Your Plan B?

Mike Haltman, CEO
Hallmark Abstract Service
(646) 741-6101

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