New York Bridges Over Troubled Real Estate Waters!

Bridges Over Troubled NYC Real Estate Waters

The real estate industry in New York, severely impacted by coronavirus and facing darkness with pain all around*, has been working its way through an environment left to us by global pandemic like none ever witnessed before!

In the absolute depths of the coronavirus crisis and with the New York economy basically closed,

  • Construction projects on the drawing board were/are stalled,
  • Building sites went quiet and once work restarted onsite personnel was severely limited,
  • Professionals such as architects, interior designers and attorneys to name but a few were quarantining and communicating by Zoom or phone only,
  • NYC and county clerks offices were closed to the general public with access to land records severely hampered,
  • Some of the criteria for mortgage lending needed to be changed to reflect lack of access to properties with such creative solutions as drive-by appraisals,
  • In some cases borrowers needed to amend applications to reflect lost employment and, finally,
  • The real estate industry needed to find a new and unique method for showing and promoting property to buyers who did not want to do anything in person!

This dire situation that engulfed our economy had the effect of parsing full industries into those players who could adapt, innovate and pursue solutions to solve problems, and those who could not.

Needless to say we can only hope that an economic catastrophe the likes of the one we are hopefully pulling out of never occurs again!

But all of this said, if it did, Hallmark Abstract Service over the past two or so months has been very active and dealing with professionals from all of the various sectors of real estate who have shown themselves to be outstanding, focused, innovative and willing to do what needed to be done to get a deal closed.

And while we don’t want to name them by name, if anyone is looking for a referral to a New York City/Long Island/Westchester County real estate professional such as real estate agent, mortgage broker, real estate attorney, surveyor, etc. who we feel is worth considering, just ask.

And if you have a story relating to a real estate professional who you feel really stepped-up and went above and beyond what you thought was even possible, please let us know.

Mike Haltman, CEO
Hallmark Abstract Service
(646) 741-6101

*Bridge Over Troubled Water: ‘… when darkness comes And pain is all around…’

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