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2017 Tidal Wave Of Commercial Mortgage Refinancing Volume Coming To A Lender Near You!

2017 CRE refinancing

  As bond and equity markets brace for a small uptick in rates courtesy of the Fed, will this compound the issues facing commercial mortgage borrowers who need to rollover their loans? A quick look at the chart below illustrates the scope of the potential problem facing borrowers with the $300 billion or so volume of […]

An anniversary of sorts in the CRE mortgage market!

Introduction At Hallmark Abstract Service we attempt to provide clients with information they hopefully find timely and useful that they potentially may be able to share with their own clients. With that in mind, we wanted to offer an overview of commercial real estate mortgages and some of the issues surrounding what for many buyers is […]

Commercial real estate financing: Saving money on the process!

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(Article scheduled to appear in Long Island Business News) Financing commercial real estate isn’t as easy as it used to be! If you’re thinking about buying commercial real estate the process, never an easy one, is that much more difficult post-real estate crisis. Assuming that you are able to locate a property and then negotiate […]

Commercial mortgage recording tax refund in New York State!

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Commercial mortgage recording tax refund in New York State! I was meeting with a CPA on Friday who described a program in New York State that exists but that is not well advertised by the state for obvious reasons. It applies only to commercial mortgages but the bottom line is that it provides for a mortgage recording tax refund […]

Credit Repair: What It Is and Why You May Need It

Your Credit, Your Money, Your Life. Special Report About Credit And How It Effects Yo Credit report information Details about your financial behavior and identification information are contained in your personal credit report. This consumer-friendly report is sometimes called a credit file/report or a credit bureau. A copy of your credit report makes it easy […]