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A NYC Hotel ➡️ Affordable Housing Plan…

With many moving parts and a shortage of details, can this NYC hotel conversion to affordable housing plan be done successfully? NYC Hotel ➡️ Affordable Housing… In NYC can defunct hotels be successfully converted to affordable housing units? As with most promises driven by political campaigning, the devil is in the as-yet to be released details that […]

2016 Final Results: NYC Residential Real Estate Statistics For Sales $4 Million And Up

A report compiled by Olshan Realty provides a complete rundown of the 2016 results in the NYC/Manhattan residential real estate market for sales above $4 million!  2016 ‘saw an 18% decline in contracts over 2015. Year to date, 1102 properties had contracts signed totaling $8,937,866,862. The numbers are higher than 2012, but below the golden years […]

NYC’s HDFC Co-op Apartments: So affordable and yet so unattainable!

A classic Catch-22 of NYC real estate when an apartment is affordable and yet economically unattainable! This is the plight for many in New York under the guidelines of what is known as H.D.F.C., or Housing Development Fund Corporation. While this co-op program that began during the severe economic downturn in the 1970’s (remember Municipal Assistance Corporation or […]