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Renting An Apartment In NYC? Some Important Do’s And Don’ts!

  For anyone about to hunt for their first NYC apartment rental or for an apartment renting veteran, some advice from an article at on common mistakes to avoid! columnist Melanie Lieberman ‘spoke to a number of New York City real estate pros — licensed agents and other authorities on the city’s rental market […]

Has Hell Frozen Over? NYC’s Second Avenue Subway Is Scheduled To Open January 1, 2017! (Video)

Second Avenue Subway New York construction

Not the entire Second Avenue Subway line of course! Only Phase 1 encompassing four stations at 96th, 86th, 72nd and 63rd Streets in Manhattan!  Phase 1 will be completed at a cost that runs in the neighborhood of $4.5 billion, relatively inexpensive when compared with the projected Phase 2 cost of $6 billion. ‘The total length of […]