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How to protect a law practice from a cyber attack!

Cyber attack, the potential impact and how to avoid one! All company‘s in every industry including title insurance and law face the threat of, and potential losses caused by, a malicious cyber attack! 92% of companies that suffered a cyber attack had losses from a variety of causes including intellectual property and corporate downtime. 84% […]

What happens if your title insurance underwriter stops writing policies?

The transactional real estate market has recently been forced to face just such a situation when New Jersey Title was “asked” to cease writing policies insuring title for residential and commercial property purchases and refinances. This is yet one more chapter (or casualty) in the financial crisis and real estate collapse that began a few […]

The US rating downgrade versus the US housing market

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Image via Wikipedia Is there any relationship between the S&P downgrade of US debt and the potential for a recovery in the US housing market? After the S&P downgrade of the United States from AAA to AA+, the rating agency downgraded the ratings for Fannie Mae, the Federal Home Loan banks and Freddie Mac as […]